Northwestern State University
Title IV-E Stipend Program

Request for application: January-February 2017

Application due date: March 1, 2017

Students request and receive the application in January and February of each year. The obligations of the stipend and the eligibility criteria are discussed with the individual students at that time. Students who wish to proceed with the application process turn their paperwork in by March 1.

The applications are reviewed and any students who aren’t eligible to apply are notified.

Representatives from the Shreveport and Alexandria Regions of DCFS come to campus to interview the prospective interns in the middle of March. Dr. Ruth Weinzettle, IV-E Program Coordinator Patricia Clark, and IV-E Administrative Assistant Brenda Falcon are also present for the interviews. Before their interviews, each of the students writes a short essay. This writing sample, as well as the student’s application and transcript, is reviewed by the interviewers before seeing each student. The students are interviewed one at a time. They are asked specific questions about their interest in working in child welfare. Students are rated on their answers, their demeanor, their writing ability, and their grades.

After the last interview, the students are discussed and those with the highest ratings are chosen to do the internship and receive the stipend.

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