Safety and Supports for the Workforce

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October 27, 2017
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January 23, 2018
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Safety and Supports for the Workforce

A Focus on Safety & Supports for the Workforce
As the holiday season approaches, many of us look forward to visiting with family and friends, and to sharing in the joys of the season. However, this can also be a stressful time. In fact, according to a 2008 American Psychological Association study, eight out of ten Americans anticipated stress during the holiday season. This is especially true for people who have been exposed to trauma or who have suffered a loss.
We hope that you will take time this season to prepare for an increase in your own stress levels, as well as the stress levels for those around you (families, friends, co-workers, clients, and community members). The following list of resources was pulled together to help increase safety during this holiday season:

Learning, Leading, and Changing: How Workforce Development is Changing Child Welfare
For decades, the approach to workforce issues in child welfare was crisis-driven. Workers were not sufficiently supported, and states struggled to meet outcomes. In 2008, this began to change when the Children’s Bureau funded the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI). By bringing together tribes, states, agencies, and universities in partnership, NCWWI has transformed the field by developing purposeful interventions that have the workforce at the forefront of sustainable change.
View this video to learn how NCWWI has accomplished this in their purposeful approach.

Look for more resources and information coming your way throughout the year. We look forward to continuing to support your workforce development efforts!


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