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The Child Welfare Title IV-E Program

The Department of Children and Family Services shall provide for the public child welfare functions of the state, including but not limited to child protective services; making permanent plans for foster children and meeting their daily maintenance needs of food, shelter, clothing, medical services, school supplies, and incidental personal needs; and adoption placement services for foster children available for adoption.

The Title IV-E DCFS/University Partnership is a collaborative project between universities and the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services.

The project’s goals are:

  • Graduate students prepared incompetent child welfare practice;
  • Attract and retain potential employees in public child welfare;
  • Educate and retain competent DCFS employees;
  • Focus on services for multi-problem families;
  • Philosophy of family focused and child-centered intervention;
  • Promote collaborative efforts between Louisiana’s universities schools and departments of social work and DCFS.

The Title IV-E project awards stipends to eligible students attending participating universities demonstrating a genuine interest in a career in child welfare. In exchange for a stipend award, the student will be expected to fulfill a one-year employment agreement with the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services. The stipend award is usually $5000 for undergraduate program participants and $7000 for graduate program participants.
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