Our Training:

  • Practicing Permanency
  • Supervisory Training and Professional Development Program
  • New Worker Orientation
  • Stipend Student and Supervisor Support Groups
  • Understanding Girls
  • Infant Mental Health
  • Reaching Higher with LGBTQ Youth
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Domestic Violence (In development)
  • Substance Abuse (In development)
  • Mental Health (In development)
  • Human Trafficking (In development)

Child Welfare Practice Model

  • Children are physically and psychologically safe
  • Families are strengthened and parental capacity is enhanced
  • ChildrenĀ and youth are part of a permanent family
  • Communities are engaged as partners in the child welfare system
  • We value and invest in the competence and well-being of those working in the system

Accomplished Through:

Assessing physical and psychological safety and well-being

Ongoing assessment that guides decision making

Engaging, teaming with, and empowering families through a strengths-based and solution-focused approach

Hearing, valuing, incorporating, youth voice

Urgent and relentless effort to ensure permanency

Trauma and evidence informed, targeted interventions

Continuously striving for quality improvement

Supportive leadership and a learning environment

Sharing responsibility among all system partners

Recognizing that competent and healthy staff are our most valuable resource