Cecile C. Guin


Associate Director of Learning & LCSW Supervisor of Discovery/Renew Family Resource Projects

Cecile currently serves as the Associate Director of Learning and Development for the Louisiana Child Welfare Training Academy. She is also involved with the administration of SLU's Discovery/Renew Family Resource Projects. Cecile obtained her BA from LSU in Sociology, her MSW from the LSU School of Social Work and her PhD in Social Work from the University of Texas-Arlington. After retiring from a lengthy career as the Director of the Office of Social Services Research and Development (now SREC) at LSU, she happily re-joined the "work world" at SLU. Cecile has extensive experience in management and administration, grant writing and is a court qualified expert in death penalty mitigation and criminal behavior.

did you know?

    Cecile is an ardent animal lover and tries her best to avoid rescuing animals. At one time, she had 6 rescue cats and 3 rescue dogs and they all lived to be very old with the exception of one accidental death and one cancer victim! Since she lost her last beloved dog, her neighbors kindly cut a hole in our fence so they can share their dogs with her.
    Favorite Quote: "Our strength is to great the unknown with the assurance of knowing"