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The purpose of “A Journey Home” is to prepare potential foster parents for opening their home and providing a safe place for Louisiana’s children. The five sessions will help participants understand how to make informed decisions about fostering/adopting as well as navigating the foster care system. Participants will also learn how important their role is as a member of the Department of Children and Family Services professional foster care team.

Session 7 focuses on transitions. This includes types of transitions, disruptions that may take place and helping your family and foster youth through attachment and loss.

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1. Explore your feelings about your personal transition out of the training program and into the role of the foster parent
2. Identify the feelings a child may experience during transitions and determine how to help the child managethese feelings in order to achieve a successful transition
3. Identify the feelings you and your family may experience during transitions of a foster child into and out of your home and determine how you may manage these feelings in order to achieve a successful transition.
4. Identify the types of transitions a child in the foster care system may experience on his/her personal journey toward permanence
5. Utilize an eco-map to identify connections and analyze support systems that can help through the transition process.
6. Apply what you have learned about the foster care process as you welcome a new child into your home,

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