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8 hours total

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The purpose of “A Journey Home” is to prepare potential foster parents for opening their home and providing a safe place for Louisiana’s children. The five sessions will help participants understand how to make informed decisions about fostering/adopting as well as navigating the foster care system. Participants will also learn how important their role is as a member of the Department of Children and Family Services professional foster care team.

In this final session, participants will learn about the adoption process. Focus is placed on the impact of grief and loss, ways to avoid disruption and dissolution, and preparing to talk about adoption.

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1. Explain the adoption process.
2. Explain the impact of grief and loss on all members of the family.
3. Describe the range of emotions that children and parents may have during their lifelong journey of adoption.
4. How to avoid disruption and dissolution.
5. How to tell a child they are adopted.
6. Explain search and reunion and the impact and benefits.
7. Explain the Voluntary Registry.

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