Bullying 201: Cyberbulling


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The rise of cyberbullying has raised concerns regarding the frequency of bullying, depression, and even suicide among children and adults. This course provides participants with a basic overview of cyberbullying, warning signs that children may be involved in cyberbullying, and how to report cyberbullying. Additional topics include: effects of cyberbullying on victims and bullies, guidelines for addressing cyberbullying cases, and prevention strategies.

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1. Define what cyberbullying is and explain how it is different from other forms of bullying.
2. Identify common cyberbullying tactics used on victims.
3. Recognize the warning signs that a child may be involved in cyberbullying.
4. Describe the different response strategies to use when a child is cyberbullied.
5. Explain preventive actions to use with children to avert their involvement in cyberbullying.
6. Recognize the importance of your digital awareness and how it can help prevent/stop cyberbullying.

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