Court 101: An Introduction to the Court System


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Louisiana Child Welfare Training Academy

Court 101 is designed to be viewed with your foster youth. The training aims to familiarize both you and the youth in your care to the court system. You will be introduced to several people you will meet during the court process while learning about their roles. You will also learn about the types of court hearings a foster child will be a part of including: the Continued Custody Hearing; Adjudication; Disposition; Case Review Hearing; and the Permanency Hearing. The role of a foster caregiver is also discussed as well as their rights and responsibilities.

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1. Understand what is meant by “Child in need of care” or CINC.
2. Define the court process and what to expect.
3. Define the different types of court hearings.
4. Recognize the role and responsibilities of the different parties involved in court hearings.
5. Identify steps you can take to be prepared for the court process.
6. Indicate the third parties the child can contact with their questions and concerns.

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