How to Give Effective Courtroom Testimony


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1 hour

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Honorable Ernestine S. Gray

In this course, Judge Ernestine S. Gray of Orleans Parish Juvenile Court discusses the importance of presenting as a competent expert witness in courtroom briefs to ensure fair and effective verdicts for family cases. With her 20 plus years of courtroom experience, Judge Gray provides expert insight into how DCFS staff should prepare for courtroom testimony, tips for interacting with courtroom professionals, and the do’s and dont’s of courtroom decorum.

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1. Describe appropriate courtroom behavior and etiquette.
2. Identify preparation tasks to complete before courtroom cases to deliver sufficient testimony.
3. Explain best practices for answering questions and providing testimony as an expert witness.
4. Recognize the importance of collaborating with all courtroom professionals to support the best outcomes for family cases.

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