Infant Safety: Tragedy in the Backseat


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30 minutes

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Laura DiMattia

Since 2016 the average number of children in Louisiana that have died due to vehicular heat strokes each year is 33. In most cases, parental neglect was not a contributing factor. Vehicular heatstroke deaths of children can occur when a child is left in a car while a parent or caregiver runs a quick errand, by children accidentally locking themselves in a vehicle, and when parents or caregivers “forget” that a child is in the car. The purpose of this course is to educate participants on why leaving children unattended in vehicles can be deadly and what steps to take to prevent children from becoming trapped in cars. The science behind how parents and caregivers can easily “forget” children in vehicles is covered, as well as techniques to implement to prevent “forgetting” children in cars.

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1. Recognize the state and national statistics related to child vehicular heat strokes.
2. Explain what the greenhouse effect is and how it contributes to vehicular heat strokes.
3. Describe the science and identify the contributing factors that can cause parents and caregivers to “forget” children in vehicles.
4. Explain the steps that parents and caregivers should take to prevent “forgetting” children in vehicles.
5. Indicate what actions parents and caregivers must take to prevent children from getting in a vehicle by accident.

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