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Joyce V. Bracey, MEd, LPC, NCC

In this course, Joyce V. Bracey, the Executive Director of CADA Prevention and Recovery Center, presents an overview of substance abuse prevention best practices to use with children and teenagers. Course participants will learn the science behind addiction and what risk factors contribute to drug and alcohol use among children and teenagers. Joyce stresses the importance of using prevention techniques as the best method to avoid addiction and drug and alcohol abuse but also covers the realities of drug and alcohol use among children and teenagers. Presented are practical ways to discuss drug and alcohol use and prevention with children and teenagers. How to respond to drug and alcohol use by children and teenagers is also addressed in this course.

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1. Define what addiction is and explain the science behind its cause.
2. Describe how the use of drugs and alcohol can affect brain development in children and teenagers.
3. Identify the motives and risk factors that can lead to drug and alcohol use among children and teenagers.
4. Distinguish the roles that children and teenagers from drug and alcohol affected homes take on to cope and describe techniques to address their behaviors.
Recognize the importance of protective factors to prevent drug and alcohol use among children and teenagers.
5. List drug and alcohol use prevention topics to discuss with children and teenagers.
6. Identify signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use in children and teenagers.
7. Describe what actions to take if you identify that a child or teenager is using drugs or alcohol.

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