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1.5 hours

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Department of Children and Family Services

Every day the safety and well-being of some children across Louisiana are threatened by child abuse and neglect. Mandated reporters play a crucial role in helping to keep children safe.
This training will help you learn your rights and obligations as a mandated reporter. In return, you will help keep children safe and build stronger families in Louisiana.

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1. Recognize who is a mandated reporter and who is a permissive reporter.
2. Understand the legal obligations of a mandated reporter.
3. Organize a report of suspected abuse and/or neglect to DCFS through either the Child Abuse Hotline or the Online Mandated Reporter Portal, and how to submit a follow-up report.
4. Recognize the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect.
5. Identify groups of children at higher risk for abuse/neglect.

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