Permanency Matters: Pursuing Timely Permanency for Louisiana's Children


DCFS CW Professional

Community Partner

Course length

1 hour 45 minutes

About the course


Karen Hallstrom, JD

Permanency is an essential need for children in care. It creates a sense of belonging and helps children develop healthy emotional and psychological attachments as they grow. In this course, participants will learn how pursuing timely permanency in cases is critical to the safety and well-being of children in care. Participants will also learn best practices for developing permanent relationships between children and caregivers. Obstacles to planning timely permanency for children will also be addressed in this course.

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1. Describe what permanency means in a child welfare case.
2. Explain why permanency matters to children and their development.
3. Identify strategies to create permanency relationships between children and caregivers.
4. Recognize barriers to developing permanency between children and caregivers and describe techniques to prevent these barriers.

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