Trauma and Behavioral Health Screen Training


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45 minutes

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Tulane University

This training orients the learner to the TBH screen which is used on all children entering care. The portion of the TBH which caregivers complete is reviewed as well as the section to be completed by the child/adolescent. TBH helps to identify trauma experiences and problems that may not have been identified, and how to share information with key players in the child’s life.

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1. Enhance the knowledge and skill level of the DCFS staff and key stakeholders to understand the prevalence and impact on youth.
2. Implement a new screen for traumatic events and emotional and behavioral problems to be used by DCFS caseworkers for children in foster care and Family Services.
3. Promote effective collaborative relationships among all stakeholders involved with target population of children, including creating advisory boards of stakeholders in each of the nine regions across the state.
4. Improve the mental health outcomes for target population children in the DCFS system by training clinicians to provide evidence-based treatment (CBT for trauma).

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