Understanding Girls Module 4: Relational Aggression


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This course is part of the five-module curriculum Understanding Girls: A Trauma Informed Perspective. The goal of the curriculum is to strengthen the work between foster parents and community partners with girls through changing the way providers, and caregivers, think and talk about girls.

Girls use communication as a way to connect, validate, and form relationships. Exclusion is used as a tactic by many girls to damage these relationships. This is a type of bullying known as Relational Aggression. In this course, participants will discover how girls use Relational Aggression to manipulate relationships. Participants will also learn how Relational Aggression has impacted girls that have experienced or participated in this type of bullying. A preventive model that focuses on education and communication to avert Relational Aggression between girls in care is presented, and examples of this model in practice are reviewed.

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