Understanding and Managing Behavior


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30 minutes

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Channing Langlinais, BCBA, LBA

Have you ever thought to yourself, “why would someone behave that way?” It’s a question you probably ask yourself consistently when working with children. In this course you will learn about Applied Behavioral Analysis and how it can be used to help guide and model appropriate behavior in children. Specifically, you will learn why children have different and sometimes negative behavioral reactions. By understanding the why, an individualized approach can be developed to teach children to respond appropriately to situations.

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1. Define Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and describe how it can be used to manage behavior in children.
2. Recognize that all behavioral interventions are adapted to the needs of the individual.
3. Explain the science behind the causes of behavior in others.
4. Identify suggested techniques for addressing unwanted behavior and for teaching appropriate behavior in children.

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