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Course length

2 hours

Available to

DCFS CW Professional




This course introduces all users how to navigate the Intake Module within the ACESS 2.0 system. Learners will be able to initiate an Intake Report, each sub-module tab and mobile car to perform an Intake, how to submit an Intake Report for approval and how to complete a Physician Notification. This course also teaches Child Protective Services Investigations Staff, Supervisors and Managers how to complete and document investigations in the ACESS 2.0 system. Staff will learn how to register Intake Clients in the Intake case, how to open Investigations, navigate the Investigations module, how to complete investigations sub-modules and mobile cards and actions the Supervisor must take to approve the investigation. This course also teaches Staff how to navigate in the TIPS (Tracking, Information and Payment System) systems which is used by all Child Welfare Staff. Staff will be able to understand the information that is included in the different screens within the TIPS system.

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