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DCFS Continuing Education

DCFS’s Child Welfare Division offers employees ways to continue their education and increase their knowledge while serving the children and families of Louisiana. These continuing education opportunities are funded by LCWTA.

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Advanced Degree

MSW Employee Educational Support Program​

The  EESP provides financial support for Child Welfare employees pursuing their master’s degree in Social Work part-time while continuing their service to DCFS. 

Approved applicants receive

  • Tuition

  • University fees

  • Book allowance

  • Up to 240 hours of educational leave per calendar year (Qualifying details for educational leave are outlined in Child Welfare policy)

Employees must

  • Have two years of Child Welfare experience as a full-time, permanent classifies employee

  • Have a bachelor's degree

  • Attend a public university in Louisiana

Supervisory Programs

Free LCSW Supervision to CW Employees

According to the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners, a person seeking to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker must complete 5,760 hours of postgraduate social work practice, at least 3,840 of those hours must be under the supervision of a board-approved clinical supervisor.


DCFS offers this supervision at no cost to Child Welfare employees

MSW IV-E Internship Supervisors' Incentive Stipend

DCFS provides an incentive stipend for Child Welfare employees who are willing to supervise Title IV-E MSW students. This role is essential to provide students with a better understanding of the division and encourages them to pursue a career within Child Welfare.

Certification Programs

Educational leave is not required to participate in the following Certification programs, as they are provided in partnership with DCFS and the Louisiana Child Welfare Training Academy at no cost to Child Welfare employees.

Advanced Leadership Certificate Program

This post-Bachelor Certificate Program is 18 hours of core courses that advance the leadership skills of a supervisor in Child Welfare. Students take classes over one academic year online while working for DCFS. Participants develop the following competencies.

  • Ability to apply supervision and leadership knowledge to practice

  • Skills to connect caseworkers and their work to DCFS’ Mission, Vision and Values

  • Develop a supportive organizational structure and an environment that values diversity

  • Produce reflective practice and growth among employees

  • Support effective leadership skills in subordinates

The Certification program is an ongoing partnership with Grambling State University to support and enhance the skills of Child Welfare employees.

Interdisciplinary Certificate Program

Participants of this Southern University at New Orleans program:

  • Earn 15 hours of college credit

  • Prepare for career advancement

  • Get equipped with the knowledge to become leaders and change-makers for the children and families we serve

  • Paid travel and registration for conferences to learn best practices and policies

  • On the job training that grows with your position

In Development

DCFS' Child Welfare Division continues to explore ways to provide advanced training to employees. Currently under development are:

  • Emerging Leaders Program for Child Welfare Specialists III caseworkers seeking career advancement

  • Manager Capacity Building Program for manager development

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