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Andrea Black


Title IV-E Child Welfare Coordinator

Andrea Black is a registered Social Worker. She graduated from Northeast Louisiana University currently know as the University of Louisiana @ Monroe. Upon graduating, her first job as a Family Guide was through a grant written by Dr. Jenny Savage at the Family Matters Family Resource Center. She worked very closely with DCFS providing in home Parenting Classes and Support. Her 2nd job was as the Administrative Assistant to Dr. Savage with the Title IV-E Child Welfare grant which Dr. Savage also wrote. She assisted Dr. Savage with daily tasks of running the grant. Upon Dr. Savage relocating to another state, Andrea Black became the Title IV-E Child Welfare Coordinator of the grant which is the position that she currently holds. She enjoys recruiting the students and most importantly she is even more excited when they go to work for the agency. When she goes to the DCFS Office and sees all the faces that have came through their IV-E Program, it makes her proud.

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