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10 Resources for Understanding TBRI

A collection of resources to help those first learning about TBRI.

A Systemic Approach to Complex Developmental Trauma

A scholarly article which provides "the research base for TBRI."

CDC Covid-19

Keep up to date on all things Covid -19 from the CDC.

CDC- Ready Wigley Coping after a Disaster

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has
created this activity book to offer parents and educators
an interactive way to talk to kids about
about their feelings after a disaster, and learn positive
ways to express their emotions in uncertain times.

CDC- Ready Wigley Prepares for Flu Season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created this activity book to provide an interactive tool to further your child’s education and prevent the spread of the flu in your community.

Car Seat, Booster Seat & Seat Belt Safety Resource List

This PDF contains a hub of car safety information.

Child Mind Institute Covid-19

Learn how to talk to children about the impacts of the virus in a way that will be reassuring and not make kids more worried than they already may be.

Collaborating with Tribes and Courts

A resource from The Capacity Building Center for States on building capacity for collaborating with tribes and court.

Coronavirus Explained! (for kids)

This video by Dr. Michelle Dickinson discusses the Coronavirus is a way for kids to understand.

Department of Justice- Blue Campaign

A guide to go over the definition of Human Trafficking and how it really manifest itself in everyday life.

Drugs In the Age of Fentanyl

Learn about how the drug landscape has changed since you were a kid and the risks today’s kids face.

Educational Resources for Kids

Whether stuck in a lockdown or need some form of summer educational entertainment, check out these free resources for your kids.

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